November Employee of the Month: Steve Farrell

This was a competitive month for employee of the month but after much deliberation, the winner is our production team member Steve Farrell! 

Hands down, Steve went above and beyond throughout the month of October, embodying our organization’s commitment to excellence.  

Among his accomplishments, was his initiative to create a tool kanban to improve efficiency.  

We are dedicated to delivering premium customer service which entails making sure all of our orders go out on time. Steve didn’t skip a beat this month and did everything in his powers to make sure we lived up to our reputation of high customer reliability. He prints out orders every day and closely monitors them to ensure there are no errors. When he does find a mistake, he swiftly makes the necessary correction so that our customers receive the products they need to serve their own customers.  

Steve, all of Kris-Tech applauds and celebrates your commitment to excellence, teamwork, and flexibility!  

Honorable mentions go out to Steve Pietrowski, Rob Hindsdill, Chuck Beckwith, and Wendy Calabrese. 


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