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Operations Team

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  • Eric Pietrowski
    Vice President of Manufacturing

    Years at Kris-Tech - 18

    Family – 2 awesome daughters, Tierra & Marah

    Fiancé Dawn, 5 older brothers, 1 younger brother

    Passions – Hunting, Fishing, RC building,

    Sports - 2 Words – GO STEELERS!!!!!

    Enjoys – Spending time with family, riding my Harley, off-roading my Ford Raptor (but dislike the cleaning portion!), collecting Wrist Watches

    Fortunate For - Family, Friends and to be part of the Kris-Tech Team
  • Rob Hinsdill
    Sr. Project Engineer

  • Jason Higley
    Production Team Leader

  • Chuck Beckwith
    Quality Assurance

    Team member here at Kris-Tech going on 19 years.

    Hobbies: Anything Outdoors, fishing, hiking, hunting, camping and painting.

    Family: wife, two children that I can call my success (Joan and Tyler). And two wonderful granddaughters (Mckenzie and Hayden) whom I enjoy spending time with (and getting all wound-up to send home to their parents!).

    Sports: Football and baseball
  • Dave Hughes
    Engineering Team Leader

  • Geanna Fezza
    Logistics Coordinator

  • Brenda McInnis
    Materials Team Leader

  • Roger Frye
    Maintenance Team Leader

  • Aaron West
    Scheduling Support

  • Laura Lake
    Process Engineer

  • James Thron
    Engineer Support


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