RoHS Compliant Made in USA


Transformer Riser Wire is used in uninsulated transformer wire applications up to and including 35 kV, providing excellent mechanical, abrasion, moisture, chemical and oil resistance. For this application the HMWPE is not considered an electrical insulation; however, it does reduce faults due to atmospheric conditions, vibrations and crossed leads.

Applicable Standards and Tests:

ASTM B-1, B-3, and B-8, ASTM D-1248, NEMA WC-5, ICEA S-61-402, ICEA S-70-547, CSA C68.9. All wire will be spark tested at 7500 VAC unless otherwise specified.



Single copper conductors are solid or stranded, annealed or hard uncoated copper


Black, sunlight resistant polyethylene with concentrically applied insulation, Type I, Class A, Cat 4, and Grades E4-E5. Types II, III, and IV are available on request.


This product, when requested, is also available in Cross Linked Polyethylene (XLPE) insulation.

Identification and Packaging:

The wire shall be identified by surface marking indicating the manufacturer and AWG size. Long length bulk reels are standard. Custom lengths, colors, stranding and packaging are available by request.

Value Add Service:

  • Custom lengths and put-ups
  • 12 available colors
  • Wire paralleling and cabling
  • One Pull bundled wire solution
  • Wire striping
  • Custom print legends and labels
AWGStandard Number of StrandsInsulation Thickness (inches)Nominal Overall Diameter - Inches (standard strands)Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs/Mft)Nominal DC Resistance OHM/1000 ft @ 20°C