RoHS Compliant Made in USA


Single conductor PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulated, 600-volt dual rated THW-2, THW, TW. Suitable for power and lighting in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Applicable Standards and Tests:

ASTM B-1, B-3, and B-8, B-33, UL83 All products are spark tested at 7500 VAC unless otherwise specified.



The single conductors are tin coated.


Concentrically applied PVC insulation rated at -25°C to 90°C, wet or dry locations and sunlight resistant.

Identification and Packaging:

The wire shall be identified by surface marking indicating the manufacturer, AWG size, voltage rating, UL symbol and type designation. 500 ft/spl.packed 4/box or 2500 feet/spl spools are standard. Custom lengths, non-standard colors, AWG and custom packaging are available by request.

Print Wheel:

Kris-Tech Wire Co. #XX AWG type TW or THW or THW-2 90C 600V sun res (UL) or TW C(UL)

Value Add Service:

  • Custom lengths and put-ups
  • 12 available colors
  • Wire paralleling and cabling
  • Wire striping
  • Custom print legends and labels
AWGNumber of StrandsInsulation (mils.)Nominal Overall Diameter - Inches (standard strands)Approx. Shipping Weight (Lbs/Mft)
14Solid or 19300.13/0.14 18/19
12Solid or 19300.14/0.16 28/29
10Solid or 19300 0.17/0.18 41/42
8Solid or 7450.22/0.24 72/74
6Solid or 7600.28/0.31 105/107
47 or 133600.35/0.39 160/167
27 or 133600.41/0.45 250/265