Kris-Tech Wire, a US copper wire manufacturer

About Kris-Tech Wire

Kris-Tech Wire was founded in August 1984 in Rome, New York by twins Gerry and Glenn Brodock. Both had recently retired from successful careers in local industry, and started the company with their combined networks and talents. Kris-Tech’s first sale was made later that year, and they (along with our industry relationships) have been growing ever since.

Kris-Tech Wire

We are a vertically integrated wire manufacturer. We produce all material at our Rome, NY headquarters where we draw, anneal, and twist copper rod into multiple wire gauges, which are then insulated with various plastic compounds. We serve commercial building, water and gas, solar, and explosives industries, among others.

In 2016, we built a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and headquarters that will position us for continued growth, and more impact in our market. Whatever our current size or future ambitions, Kris-Tech will always stay committed to those values that have set us apart: quick order fulfillment, excellent and honest customer relations, and continued involvement in our community. These values set us apart, and provide premium, niche service in a competitive marketplace. Please visit our Values page for more about us, or reach out directly to say hi.

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