Traffic Loop Detector Wire IMSA 51-5

Loop detector conductor for use as inductance loop
detector wire.

Applicable Standards and Tests:
ASTM B-3, B-8 Class B or C, B-174, D-2220, D-12148 for Type III Class C, NEMA/ICEA WC-5, IMSA 51-5, UL 44, and UL 1581. All products are spark tested at 7500 VAC unless otherwise specified.

Conductors: The single conductors are stranded, annealed copper.

Insulation: Concentrically applied, black PVC (polyvinyl chloride) insulation, nylon jacket, encased in either orange PVC or HMWPE (polyethylene) jacket, Rated at 75oC, 600V.

Identification and Packaging:
The wire shall be identified by surface marking indicating the manufacturer, IMSA number, AWG size, year of manufacture and voltage rating. Long length bulk reels are standard. Custom lengths are available by request.

AWGStandard Number of StrandsNominal Conductor Wall Thickness (in.)Nominal Nylon Jacket (in.)Overall Conductor Diameter (in.)Encasing Tube Jacket Wall ThicknessNominal Overall Diameter (in.)Weight (Lbs. /000)

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